The public GIT repository

A public GIT repository can be accessed to get the latest development version of FoCaLiZe. However, its content is not bullet-proof and may be unstable at some times. It reflects the real-time state of FoCaLiZe and may bring fixes and features not available in previous releases and that will be part of the next release.
To clone the current FoCaLiZe GIT repository, invoke:
git clone
or from the alternate (and experimental) mirror:
git clone

This will create a focalize repository in your current directory. Once cloned, it is possible to fetch updates with the usual GIT commands (essentially git pull origin master). Note that this access being public, it doesn't allow pushing (i.e. submitting) modifications done in the sources tree.

Since Zenon is now in a separate GIT repository, it must be cloned apart in the FoCaLiZe directory. Hence, once FoCaLiZe is cloned, go inside its base directory (cd focalize) and clone Zenon by invoking:
git clone
or from the alternate (and experimental) mirror:
git clone

This will create a zenon repository in your focalize directory.

The latest release (as of 2014-10-14)

focalize-0.9.0.tgz (tar-gzip).
This is a carefully tested release. However, if you find a bug, please be so kind to report it to the bug report mailing list
There may be some bugs; for instance, the documentation is not perfect :)

This software is free software distributed under the revised BSD license.

Older versions

The previous versions of FoCaLiZe distribs are still available in the oldies directory.

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